Jura Fell Race it’s in the Bones

Following threads of Dad and his two brothers Blair & Jim doing it in the late 80’s early 90’s then Craig & Graham my own brothers in the late 90’s early 00’s then Ross and Rhowan my remaining siblings completing their first Juras in 2014 there was more than a nostalgia and tangible meaning to it. Memories of picnics at Evans walk on fell race day with Granny & Grandpa Rozga in glorious sunshine waiting for local runners to appear at the 3Arch from the abyss. There’s ancient footage of Jura races gone by filmed recording locals coming through the 3 Arch Davie Mack, Willie MacDonald, Peter Cool along with my dad and his two brothers, Islay runners Donald James MacPhee and Markus Covell provided the stiffest of competition in friendly local rivalries for the Kidalton Cup. Watching an old tape from 1992 waiting on my dad coming in I asked my grandpa “where’s my dad” He replies “you’re old dad will be here soon” Sure enough he was, shouting “Come on Dad” for support we watch as he passed through the 3Arch then on to the road for the remaining miles. Over twenty two years later in 2014 on my way to a first sub 4 my niece is calling out “Come on Uncle Grant” as I pass the 3 Arch it’s hard not to get a bit emotional, running is in the bones . . . . . .

“It’s the links between the past, It’s the soil beneath the grass, it’s the weeping of breath and bone, it’s the reason I’ve moved back home”

Grant Rozga

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