The Year of Home 2018

Life is a circle and in moving back to Ardmenish with Amy my own loop has come around to my home again, exciting times ahead. Sometimes walking about the Caravan garden you get the feeling of extreme nostalgia, I like that and think it’s a comfort to have those types of memories. With the Caravan being done and more than cosy with the hard work of everyone, I feel settled and eager to be involved in the farm as much as possible under the guidance of Rhowan and Dad. The weather in the winter has been honestly something that hasn’t been recorded here before, rain and winds have been endless and it’s been such a busy time from moving house and setting up the in Ardmenish. We’ve done it and I think it’s going to be a great place to launch the next steps from. A glimmer of the way life could be in Ardmenish was tasted in the sweetness of a few days fair weather, everything comes alive and you again appreciate the place for the wonder it is. I’ve dipped my toe in the water with the running but no more than that yet, the ship is experiencing its first creaks and moans of a modest football and fell running career that has been going flat out in the traditional fell running season of Jura Locals (Jan – May) for 8 years and since 2010 I’ve in training anyway always been in sub 4 or better shape for each of those years. The bodies done a lot and I can feel it at times, I’ve got to adapt and learn to use the time effectively, know when to ease off and still know when to punch out the hard training runs. I’m looking forward to it all again as I do every year but with more caution than ever previously we head out into the January training. This year has got the feeling of a pendulum dropping back for the penultimate upward stroke where maximum effort is exerted and you might with a bit of effort, luck and timing just break the finish tape and find you are exactly where you are supposed to be . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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    1. Got a lot of material so I’ve put up last year’s runs from January under the title “dipping the toes” try and do the back catalogue till I’m up to date. It’s all new to me! Thanks for reading


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