Jura Running All thats come and gone

When I started all this running diary years ago it really started as a plain motivational tool to record what runs I was doing and generally pass a bit of time in the endless hours of soul searching in the Jura distillery shifts. Along the way it developed and evolved and in the end has become something of far more substance and meaning to myself than anything I have wrote or authentically produced in my life. Its honest, I haven’t documented only the fairy tale days, the dark days are present to give a true account otherwise what’s the point in doing it at all. No journey is an unrelenting upward curve, I’d rather the curve to be honest than anything else. At the first entry of this writing years ago I was wasn’t sure why I started hill running and certainly not sure why I felt the need to write a description of what I was doing and feeling each day on the hill and in life generally but one thing is for sure I’m glad I did. The hill has been the constant backdrop to my life – an unchanging landscape that only throws back a reflection of how you your self have altered and I have experienced much along the way and been lucky enough to meet some fantastic characters. I thank the Jura hills for the days gone by and the days yet to come, slainte

Grant Rozga Jura AC

The Paps Jura

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